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How to Get Finger Coils that Last

How to Get Finger Coils that Last
It's already been a busy year and we don’t always have time to spare. The goal is always to wake up and get things done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so sometimes spending hours in the mirror isn’t an option. A low-maintenance and super cute hairstyle to try out in the new year is the ever so lovely finger coils! It’s a great option for men and women, and it’s super easy if you have the right products and practice. Now, this does take a bit of time in the beginning but it's worth it because it lasts!

Step 1

Start your finger coils by using our Daily Leave-In Conditioner to detangle and moisturize your hair. This universal product is our go-to for everyday use, even if your hair isn’t wet!

Step 2

Next up to achieve finger coils on natural hair, you have to section off your hair. Taking about a three-inch section of your hair, rake in our Curl Custard from root to tip to define and stretch curls. This product also helps prevent breakage, reduces frizz and adds shine.

Step 3

Now it's time to twirl! You want to do this for each section of your hair creating gorgeous spirals that are sure to leave you mesmerized. After all of your hair is twirled into finger coils, be sure to squeeze out excess water, it’s best to use a cotton t-shirt to help reduce frizz.

Step 4

Be sure to lock in your finger coils by using a bit of our Anti-Frizz Silkening Growth Serum. This is going to help lock in moisture as your hair dries and give you a finishing shine! 
Once all of those steps are completed, your finger coils will be ready to go for days! Be sure to protect the finger coils before you go to bed with a satin bonnet. You can even give your finger coils a quick refresh the next morning with a spritz of our Daily Leave-In Conditioner.