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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Rucker Roots products vegan?

Yes, all Rucker Roots products are vegan and all are completely natural. We are committed to creating healthy, natural hair products that strengthen and cleanse hair without stripping the hair and scalp of any natural oils. Click to read more about our natural plant derived ingredients.

What makes Rucker Roots hair care products better than other brands?

The Rucker Roots difference is our natural ingredients. Our philosophy is that healthy hair starts at the root. That means that we had to elevate our ingredients to ensure that our products were of the highest quality for our customers to get the best results.

Are Rucker Roots hair care products for everyone?

Yes, our hair care products are for everyone! Here at Rucker Roots we love to celebrate natural black hair, as well as all other hair types. We even have hair and grooming products for men.

Do I have to have natural hair in order to use Rucker Roots hair products?

No. Rucker Roots products were made to help strengthen natural hair, but many of our products are great for all kinds of hair. Rucker Roots products work well on natural, chemically treated, color treated and even synthetic hair. Our edge control brush and edge control gel are a staple in anyone’s collection for snatching those baby hairs when doing any hairstyle.

What does GTC stand for and what makes the GTC collection different?

GTC stands for ginger turnip carrot because that’s what the GTC collection of products are made from! Ginger Root Oil, Turnip Root Oil, and Carrot Root Oil are used in our hair care products to stimulate hair growth, soothe scalp, create shine, and protect against breakage.

Is Rucker Roots cruelty-free?

Yes! All of our hair products are vegan and cruelty-free.

How long does it take to see a difference in my hair?

Results have been seen after the first use. Read the reviews!

Are Rucker Roots products sulfate and paraben free?

Yes! All of our products are made with natural ingredients. Our sulfate free shampoo thoroughly cleans the hair and scalp, and adds an extra shine without using any harsh chemicals. 

Where does Rucker Roots ship to?

We have shipped all over the world, please make sure you choose the proper shipping at checkout. 

Are Rucker Roots products color safe?

Yes, our products are completely color safe and will not strip your color.

What product should I use for a dry scaly scalp?

Our natural scalp antiseptic works wonders to relieve a dry, itchy scalp. The ingredients help nourish your roots while also moisturizing and soothing the scalp as well as reducing itchiness and flaking.