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Happy Birthday Ellen!

Hey Rucker Roots Fam,

It's another fantastic month, and we get to celebrate one of our own; Ellen. She is a fantastic mother, businesswoman, and wife. She is a co-founder of Rucker Roots, and because of her support and hard work, a major reason that we are what we are. Her story started many years ago with a passion for helping women in her community. She has been actively serving the community in different ways.

She is a woman who wears many hats and is an amazing wife and mother of twins and a teenager. First, she was a chiropractor and actively served in her community. She then moved to maternal health care, where she walked with many women in their pregnancy and fertility journey. After struggling with getting quality hair care products for her and her beautiful children, she co-founded Rucker Roots with her sister with their primary goal being to provide nourishing hair care products for those with curly and coily hair. She is the true definition of mom boss, and we celebrate her for that.

At Rucker Roots, our tradition and work culture are primarily focused on family, and we celebrate every small and significant milestone. 

Please join us in sending special birthday wishes to our fantastic co-founder, Ellen. She is very passionate about women's empowerment, as evident in her history. She also enjoys creating unique products that make a difference in hair management for those with textured hair. She has an effortless ability to facilitate and quickly pinpoint areas where people need help. Ellen is always willing to step in to assist those who need it.

Whether highlighting our products, crafting products, or interacting with people, Ellen always makes everyone around her feel special. Today we celebrate her by letting her know how special she is to the Rucker Roots Family!

In honor of her passion for hair care, today, we share some incredible tips to guide you through your natural hair care journey. Hair care is quite an easy task once you learn the Ins and Outs of it. Natural hair can be easily managed, grown, and maintained as healthy as it comes. How can you effectively take care of your hair and your little ones? Well, here are some of our top tips:

Click this link to see our discussion on Do's and don'ts of hair care (Insert video for the topic)


We hope you have enjoyed these hair care tips from the birthday girl. Feel free to thank her for all she's done by ordering some of her unique products found on our website!!

We at Rucker Roots wish her nothing but the best in all that this life has to offer!

Happy Birthday, Ellen!!