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Trick or Treat: Hair Edition

Trick or Treat: Hair Edition

Halloween is almost here which you can tell from the excitement around neighborhoods and in the halloween aisles at stores. 

So, if you are looking for a sign to start planning your Halloween costume, this is it!!. No need to panic, there is still a tone of ways to create a memorable Halloween using what you have in the house. Some easy ways would be incorporating makeup into your not so halloween costume. It would give you a point of focus that would still hold the them. If you are not a makeup pro, another great option is to make a statement with halloween themed hair. Try creating a fun hairstyle then working on the rest of your look from there. 

Seriously, Halloween hairstyles are 10/10 for anyone who is not into costumes. It can also be a great last minute touch if you don’t get time to buy a costume. The good thing about incorporating your hair into your look is that there is a look for every hair type. We know you want some inspo, so keep scrolling to see some of the hairstyles you can use for halloween.

  1. Incorporating hair accessories into your halloween look will go a long way in ensuring that you can stick to the theme (insert picture of hair held up with spider pins)
  2. The old fashioned ban
  3. Locs and sea shells (Inspired by Pirates of the Carribean)
  4. Frida -beyonce: Looking for a creative, bold statement and have a protective style that stays in place all night? Yoncé shows us how it's done. You can braid, bantu or twist your hair to get a unique desired shape.Add floral accessories, a butterfly clip or two and you're ready to paint the town!

What other halloween hairstyle tips do you have? Let us know on our social media pages