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Hair Breakage Causes and Remedies

your hair needs protection from UV rays too

Hair Breakage Causes and Remedies

Yes, all that straightening, curling, and styling can be fun but did you know that it could cause damage to your hair and could even contribute to hair breakage? Even if you don’t style your hair much, there are still environmental factors that could damage your hair. What to do, what to do! 

Tips to Lessen Hair Breakage

Even if you tend to let your hair dry naturally or do limited styling, there are weather elements that good old Mother Nature sends our way that also have a tendency to dry out your hair.  Don’t even get me started on the environmental damage that happens to our locks! A cold winter, a windy fall, and hot summer heat are a few environmental factors that could damage hair.  
So when we talk about locking in moisture, don’t just think about what YOU may be doing to your hair, consider all of those environmental factors that are outside of your control that are affecting your hair. Just like hydrating our bodies, it is important to hydrate your hair and the perfect way to lock in that moisture is to use our ever-so-popular Rucker Roots Leave-In Heat Protectant.  Our lightweight water-based natural heat protectant that prevents damage to hair from heat styling and UV rays. It lets you set your own style while protecting your hair. Even if you’re not going to heat style your hair, if you’re going to be out in the sun all day our heat protectant is a must-have.
Now let’s talk about treatments. If you’re just starting your healthy hair journey, you’ve come to the right place! There are many products you can buy for hair breakage treatment. A key thing to remember is to add in some much needed moisture to your hair and scalp. The Rucker Roots Anti-Frizz Silkening Growth Serum is a miracle product that checks all the boxes for hair breakage treatment. You can even mix that into your conditioner once in a while for a deep conditioning treatment. 
You could also whip up a DIY hair mask for a hair breakage treatment for your hair occasionally. Our blog on homemade hair masks outlines a few different recipes that could help bring some life back into your hair!