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Sleigh This Holiday Season

Sleigh This Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially here. As you prepare for holiday gatherings and a new year, make sure your hair looks and feels amazing. They say pictures last a lifetime and we want to help make sure you look as amazing as you are! 

With that being said, we have put together a few tips to help you and your strands prosper this holiday season. 


Keep Strands Moisturized and Clean  

The heart of healthy hair, no matter the season, begins with clean and moisturized strands. Like the rest of your body, your hair needs nutrients to remain strong, especially during the winter months. While it is ok to wash your hair less, you should still shampoo it thoroughly and replenish its moisture with a vitamin-enriched conditioner. As you change your hair for each holiday event or to help it withstand all the activities you have planned this holiday season, we suggest you use products that are rich in vitamins and oils, not sulfates and parabens. We want your hair to remain strong and healthy, so opt-in or natural hair care products with a focus on keeping strands moisturized.  


Protect Your Hair Against Heat  

With cooler temperatures, many beauties are opting in for heat styling to create sleek and straight styles. While we won’t deter you from using heat this holiday season, we do suggest you protect your hair every time you plan to apply heat. Use a heat protectant before putting a curling iron or flat iron to your strands. And even with the heat protectant, be sure to never use the tools on full power. We also suggest you avoid excess heat and try to only use heated styling tools once a week if necessary. After styling with heat make sure you wrap or protect your style with a satin scarf or pillowcase. This will cause less friction and help you locs retain moisture. We love a sleek silk press for the holidays, but we love healthy hair even more.


Protect your Edges  

We all love styled edges. Whether your hair is in a neat top knot or a fluffy wash and go, your edges have the power to make or break any style you choose. And since we love laid edges almost as much as healthy hair, we want to do all we can to make sure they remain strong and healthy. In addition to using a non- greasy edge control and silk scarves to lay your edges, we also suggest you limit high maintenance styles that put tension on these delicate strands. We’re not saying you can’t rock that stunning updo. Just make sure you give your edges a break between styles. Another way to protect the health of your edges is to keep them moisturized and stimulated with natural oils and serums. This will promote growth as well as protect your edges, no matter the season. 


We are excited to see all the ways you style your hair this holiday season. No matter what style or styles you choose, we hope you use these tips to keep your strands filled with all they need to remain healthy and happy. Because healthy hair is happy hair.