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Rucker Roots Gift Guide

Rucker Roots Gift Guide

Hey Beauties, the holidays are less than 2 weeks away. We know it can be stressful finding the perfect gift for your favorite beauty, but that’s where we believe we can lend a helping hand. Treat those you love most to a healthy hair journey with some of these nourishing products from Rucker Roots 


Lasting Restorative Edge Control 

We all know a woman who loves laid edges! Give the gift of sleek and healthy edges with the Rucker Roots Restorative Edge Control. This non-greasy edge control is strong enough to tame frizz and out of control edges while lasting throughout the day. Made up of Avocado, Castor Oil, & Olive Oil, our edge control will not only lay all types of baby hairs, but it will also nourish them so that they continue to make a statement all year long. 

Help your favorite beauty sleigh her edges with the Restorative Edge Control from Rucker Roots  


Curl Defining Curly Cream 

This one is for all our curly girls out there. If you love to see bouncy and defined curls as much as we do, our curly cream may be the perfect gift for your favorite Naturalista. Our curly cream will help any beauty moisturize and strengthen her curls, whether it’s for a stunning wash and go, soft twist out, or anything in between. You can’t go wrong with this curly cream infused with biotin, shea butter, and coconut oil. 

Purchase the curl defining Curly Cream, here.  


Moisturizing Daily Leave In

Friends don’t let friends have dry hair. Give your loved one a gift that keeps on giving with the Daily Leave In from Rucker Roots. Infused with biotin and sunflower seed oil, this leave-in conditioner will not only moisturize the driest of strands, but it also won’t weigh them down, so you can style with ease. Perfect for a quick hair refresher or a detangler, our Daily Leave In is a must-have for any beauty and all hair types.  

Add Our Daily Leave In to your shopping list, here. 


Curl Setting and Defining Texture Styling Mousse

We love curls that hold throughout the day and seasons. So, we created our Texture Styling Mousse! This product can be used by anyone but is made with our curl friends in mind. Infused with biotin and vitamin E, this product is the perfect styling aid for textured, wet or dry styles like roller sets, wash & go, rod sets, and fingerstyles. 

Give your favorite curly girl the gift of defined and set curls with the Texture Styling Mousse From Rucker Roots. 


4 Step Natural Smoothing System

Smooth, shiny, healthy hair? Yes, please! With the Rucker Roots 4 Step Natural Smoothing System, beauties can wash, condition, protect and fight frizz in one easy process. These products are amazing on their own but are even better when they are used together. For stunning results, each beauty will clean their hair with our Sulfate-Free Shampoo, then begin detangling their strands with our Detangling Conditioner. To follow followed, use our Leave In Protectant to protect against heat damage. Then end with our Anti-Frizz Growth Serum for a smooth and shiny style.  

For a smooth, frizz-free blowout or silk press, we suggest the 4 Step Natural Smoothing System every time. It’ll leave all hair types soft, incredibly conditioned, and manageable for days at a time. 


We believe healthy hair is the gift that keeps on giving. In fact, it is our mission to help beauties transform their hair from root to tip. So, even if you aren’t sure exactly what product will work best for your friend or family member, send them over to us, and we will help them achieve happy and healthy hair with our natural, vegan products! Trust us they are in great hands!  

We hope this quick gift-giving guide helps you as you prepare for holidays and on. Don’t forget whether it’s for you or someone you know; healthy hair begins at the root!