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Join Us In Celebrating Women's Equality Day!

Join Us In Celebrating Women's Equality Day!

If there is anything that this year has proven, it's that women have the resilience and the ability to bounce back. As women, there have been many challenges thrown our way, especially in the last two years. This year, it has been an interesting journey to see women Pivot and grow in different spaces. Today we want to take a moment and celebrate Women's Equality Day with you. You hold a special place in our hearts because you are the backbone of our business.

This year we celebrate 102 years of the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote in theory. We also celebrate the 57th year when the ratification of Voting Rights was amended for black women. Here at Rucker Roots, we celebrate the heroic acts of all women. Since then, strong, resilient women have fought for different rights such as Reproductive Rights, Racial Equity, Female Representation in Leadership, Equal Pay, and Workplace Rights!

While this year may be our year to Pivot and grow, we should not forget to celebrate the milestones made for women. But that does not mean that we will forget that there still lies a huge gap in achieving equality goals, especially in the workplace. We should use this opportunity to reflect on the progress and begin to put in the work that still needs to be done. We should embrace the courage of the women who have gone before us and continue fighting for equality. We need to see if we can progress the agenda to ensure our children will not have to face the same struggles that we did.

So let's continue to be resilient and hopeful in our daily activities. As we celebrate Women's Equality Month, Ellen and Ione will be speakers at Fireside for the Exceptional Women's Event in Atlanta. You are welcome to join the event as we discuss further matters with women. The event details are in the poster below.

We celebrate you, and we look forward to you having more opportunities in the future to learn and grow together.