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How to Style Your Beard to Fit Your Face

man getting beard trimmed
Growing out a beard can be one of a man's most aesthetically pleasing accomplishments. We are so happy to now offer our very own line of King by Rucker Roots Beard products. Once you’ve grown out that super suave beard of yours it's important to keep it well-trimmed and well-styled. Beard envy is an ongoing trend and if you’re going to be at the top of the game then making sure your beard is groomed to fit your face is essential. Every face is unique and just like some hairstyles, you’ll want to choose the best beard for your face shape. There are many face shapes out there, oval, round, and diamond just to name a few, so once you determine that, you can trim accordingly. 
  1. Oval Face: If you’re working with an oval face shape you want to make your face appear fuller so for you, width is key on the sides while keeping your beard shorter at the chin is best. 
  2. Round Face: A round shape is the opposite of an oval face, you want to put all the emphasis on the chin! Triangle shaped beards are where you’ll want to stay, even a stylish goatee would suit you well.
  3. Diamond Face: A diamond face shape means you have prominent cheekbones so you want to keep your hair on the chin and go wider on the sides. You can do this with styles such as the chin strap, a full beard and the ever so popular beard and mustache combo. 
No matter the style, be sure to enhance using clean lines and treat your beard with the best care using our all-natural King Beard Hair and Body Wash, Beard Oil and White Birch Bark Aftershave.