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Healthy Curls Are In This Season

Healthy Curls Are In This Season

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the latest designer shoes, clothes or if your makeup is perfectly applied, none of it matters if your hair is not up to par!

It is a silent, unspoken rule that after your smile people will notice your hair, or if the smile doesn’t come up first, the hair pops up first. 

We love seeing and helping people embrace their hair types and watching them flourish!

So, what better way to do that than to provide your curls and coils with what they need to stay bouncy, defined, and healthy?

This spring, as we challenge you to embrace your curls and show them off alongside the nice clothes, here are simple ways you can maintain that bouncy look.

  1. Always use a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. Moisture in hair helps define curls better
  2. Always apply a small amount of styling gel (ensure that its moisture content is high) to a small portion of hair at a time
  3. Stretch your hair with comb from back to front
  4. For additional care, sleep with a satin hair bonnet and use leave-ini conditioners between washes to maintain the curls


Have an amazing Spring filled with curls and good hair days.

PS: We have an amazingly nourishing collection that will help you glow and radiate with amazing bouncy curls so feel to check our website for the new products. They are a must have. Don't be left behind!!

Let your Curly spring to life!!