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Flattering Haircuts for Curly Hair

Flattering Haircuts for Curly Hair

We know how frustrating it can be when you fall in love with a cut or style, only to find out that your curly hair throws up a roadblock to achieving your desired look. But do not fear! Whether you are looking for a new cut or a new style, we have found some great options for you to consider if you have curly hair.


Bob Haircut for Curly Hair

A bob haircut is usually when your hair gets cut around chin-length. If it gets cut shoulder-length it’s usually considered a lob (long bob). In general, when you get a bob, it is a blunt cut and can have choppy layers to give dimension.

A curly bob is definitely a possibility! The key is to give it the right shape for natural curls. Inverted, angled, A-line, stacked and graduated are the most popular haircut shapes for having a curly bob.

You Cut Your Hair, Now What?

Step 1: Prep hair

Wet your hair just a little bit. If you’re fresh from the shower, you can wait for your hair to air dry or use a blow dryer to mostly dry it.

Step 2: Curl Cream

Apply curl cream and twist the strands. Follow your natural curl pattern and this cream will help to define and stretch your curls and reduce frizz.

Step 3: Heat 

Dry or diffuse hair on the lowest setting. For even more defined curls you can use a curling iron, following your natural curl pattern, and start from the top down. Finish with hairspray and your curly bob is all set!


curly hair with layers

Layers for Curly Hair

Layers are a curl’s best friend! Layers work amazing for curly hair,  they facilitate curl movement and look fabulous when cut right. The trick is to cut vertical layers and then cut individual curls to break it up and maximize the amount of curls you get.

You Cut Your Hair, Now What?

Layers look best when your curls are healthy. The best way to achieve that is right after washing hair to spray some leave-in conditioner to add in some extra moisture and then use curl cream to reduce frizz and set those curls.

Pro Tip:  Add a little Ombre to your curls!  Highlighting your curls with a touch of ombre coloring will give you a unique and beautiful look.