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Ellen Rucker Sellers

Ellen Rucker Sellers, the perfectionist, is the next to youngest child of Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Ruby Rucker. She is a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, Kai Michelle, and fraternal twins-Stokely Taggart and Sadie Ellen. Ellen is a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine and practiced in her hometown for eleven years at Rucker Chiropractic.

Ellen was a four year varsity cheerleader at the University of North Carolina when she met her college sweetheart Vince Carter, NBA player. After college, she attended Life University in Atlanta, GA where she studied Chiropractic medicine. Shortly after her graduation from Life, Vince and Ellen married but it ultimately resulted in divorce by 2007. However Vince and Ellen have maintained a wonderful friendship and co-parenting environment for their daughter, Kai.

In 2015, Ellen and her sisters launched a new haircare line, Rucker Roots which was featured in their reality series Love Thy Sister on WeTV . Ellen and her sisters have successfully been working on their brand, Rucker Roots, attending both the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta, GA and Premiere Hair Show in Orlando, FL. Rucker Roots has been growing tremendously and recently the brand was picked up as an exclusive treatment in a new blow dry bar, &BLOWDRY, in Chicago, IL. Also, the brand launched in Sally Beauty in 2018 and Target In 2019. It was only natural that Ellen developed an interest in the hair care business because she has always been passionate about hair care and even created several DIY (do it yourself) hair treatments for various family members and friends. She looks forward to becoming an innovator in the haircare market with natural products made from organic root vegetables. Rucker Roots falls right in line with her family’s entrepreneurial legacy and serves as a great opportunity to build a brand along with her sisters.

Ellen has many amazing things on the horizon but her first priority will always be growing Rucker Roots into a household name. In the summer of 2015, she married her love of seven years, Bakari Sellers. Bakari is the Former House of Representatives for South Carolina and an Attorney-At-Law who contributes weekly on CNN's correspondent team. He spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention advising all of America to stand up for progress and reminded us that we are stronger together. Ellen and Bakari became proud parents to Stokely and Sadie in January of 2019. Recently, Ellen shared her personal birthing experience after almost dying birthing her twins. In the future, she plans to be a strong advocate for more awareness of Maternal Mortality. Bakari and Ellen as a power couple are determined to make their mark in society and there is nothing they can't achieve together.