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This One Is For All The Daughters!

This One Is For All The Daughters!

September 25th is National Daughter Day. It is a day designed to celebrate girls who light up the lives of all those lucky enough to call them their daughters. It is the perfect day to show the daughters in your life how much you love and appreciate them with some special plans. Here are some ideas:

  1. Serve them breakfast in bed: A big challenge for parents is keeping food out of their kids' bedrooms. An excellent way to make your daughter feel special is by bending the rule on this day. You can make her favorite breakfast meal and serve her in bed with a handwritten note to tell her how important she is.
  2. Have a mother-daughter day: Another great way to show your daughter that you appreciate her is by dedicating a day just to spend with her. A great way to make your daughter feel special is by letting her pick all the activities for the day. And ensure that you participate in them fully. Giving her your full attention and freedom of choice gives her the impression that you trust her and you are proud of the woman she is becoming.
  3. Have a Self-Care date: Another great way to spend this day is by having your daughter participate in your skincare and self-care routine. Go to the salon, have your nails done, or you can do your hair and nails at home. Have a Wash Day and let your daughter wash her hair, and just enjoy time together while taking care of yourselves. Here are some products you can use to enjoy your spa date at home. CLICK HERE for products you can use to recreate your home spa.
  4. Play together: How daughters like to play changes over the years, but spending time together one-on-one never goes out of style. Let her pick how you two play together for National Daughters Day. Give her your full attention and let her lead the way for a while. Whether it's dolls and dress-up or make-up and video games, she'll be grateful she has someone like you in her life who is willing to go the extra mile to make her smile.

We hope that you have enjoyed our ideas and you now have a chance to make National Daughter Day memorable for your life. Let us know how you plan on celebrating National Daughter Day!