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The Perfect Hair or the Perfect Workout

The Perfect Hair or the Perfect Workout

It’s that time of the year… spring has sprung and the constant thought about that summer body is consuming your mind everyday.  There’s only one problem… getting in better shape means more workouts and more workouts mean choosing between the perfect hair or the perfect workout.  It may seem impossible, but it’s possible to have both.  

Whether your workout routine includes daily workouts or a few classes per week, protecting your strands doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Consider using a leave in conditioner or hair milk to moisturize your hair and keep the frizz at bay.  Keeping your hair away from your face while you sweat is also helpful.  Styles like the pineapple hair method, creating a loose high ponytail on the top of your head, may help reduce the effects of your workout on your hair. Try to avoid tight hair ties or clips as they tend to damage your hair when removed after a workout.   

Consider wearing a sweat band or scarf to help absorb some of that sweat.  Buns, loose ponytails and top knots are all good hairstyles to consider for your workout.  Ponytail Braids and Cornrows are also good options to protect your hair and look good in the process.  

We all know that our edges are one of the biggest factors in keeping our hair nice during and after a workout, so products like our restorative edge control aide in smoothing those edges for a lasting hold and added shine.  

No matter what products you use or what hairstyle you choose, being able to have the perfect hair and complete the perfect workout is possible

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