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The Beauty of Black Hair

The Beauty of Black Hair

Everyone has heard the saying “no two people are alike”?  That is so true - we are as unique as our fingerprints!  The same holds true for our hair!  Although it may appear that hair often looks the same, there are very unique elements that give us hair with its own unique texture, thus creating our own individual look.

When considering types of hair, there are 4 general categories:

  • Type 1:  Straight Hair
  • Type 2:  Wavy Hair
  • Type 3:  Curly Hair
  • Type 4:  Kinky Hair

African-American hair is typically Type 4, Kinky Hair - and within that Type are additional categories:

  • 4A: Identified by having an “S” shape when stretched out 
    • Has 2 textures:  Fine or Wirey
      • Very high density but fragile
    • Prone to dryness, but has high moisture retention
    • Best worn with Wash ‘n Go hairstyles
    • Care Tip:  Use Sulfate Free Shampoo like Rucker Roots Smoothing Sulfate-Free Shampoo
  • 4B: Identified as having a “Z” shape without a distinct curl pattern
    • Feels wirey and is tightly coiled
    • This hair type is dryer and breaks easily
    • Has a very diverse texture and density
      • Ranges from fine texture and scarce density to coarse texture and heavy in density
    • Best worn in protective hairstyles such as braids and buns
    • Care Tip:  Frequent deep conditioning with Rucker Roots Nourish + Restore Papaya & Mango Deep Conditioning Mask
  • 4C:  Identified as very tightly coiled with no curl pattern
    • By feel, you can tell this hair type does not clump
    • Most fragile and very high in breakage
    • Requires a lot of care
    • Care Tip:  Use a hair care system such as Rucker Roots Nourish + Restore Papaya Seed Oil & Mango Butter Wash Day Duo
    • Sleep with a satin or silk cap 

Now that we have taken a look at the Kinky hair types - and how we can give these hair types the best advantage, visit our website HERE to see all of our hair care products.