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Popular Hairstyle During Civil Rights

Popular Hairstyle During Civil Rights

The Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, and many African Americans were looking for ways to express their freedom and independence. One way that many people chose to do so was through their hair.

During this time of change, African Americans began using their clothing and hairstyles as forms of protest against discrimination. They also used these styles as a means of expressing themselves and their individuality.

One popular hairstyle during this time was the Afro, which was worn by both men and women. The Afro is a style that involves letting your hair grow naturally without cutting or styling it with heat (such as blow-drying). It has been around since ancient times but grew in popularity during the 1960s when it became associated with Black Power and Black Pride movements.

The style choices made by black women during this time helped them express their freedom from the norms of society at large. Many felt that wearing their hair naturally showed the world that they were proud of who they were and where they came from—and it's no wonder why!

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