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New Year, New Hair Regime!

New Year, New Hair Regime!

The beginning of a new year always brings a fresh new start! 

Some decide to take on a new hobby, begin a new healthy lifestyle, or finalize their goals. We suggest you consider starting a new hair regime!

Just like you think deeply about what you put in your body, you should also consider what you put on your hair (and scalp)!

That’s right - we said scalp!  

At Rucker Roots, we have the philosophy of healthy scalp = healthy hair!

For example, would you want to start growing plants in rocky soil made of clay or doesn’t get any water? Well, consider your scalp the soil and your hair the plant!

To have a healthy scalp, you need to use products formulated to clean and moisturize your scalp, yet not strip away the proteins, amino acids, and vitamins vital to a healthy scalp!

Unfortunately, some hair care products overly focus on stripping chemicals from your hair removing all the good stuff from your hair AND your scalp. This leaves you with a dry, unhealthy scalp that cannot grow the healthy hair you desire.

At Rucker Roots, we know that to get the end result you are looking for, you need to show love to your hair and scalp, and we have a full line of products that will do just that!

Be sure to visit our website to see our specially formulated products that will get your new hair regime off to a great start - so YOU can start showing off the result - your AMAZING, beautiful head of hair!!