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How Are You Celebrating Earth Day?

How Are You Celebrating Earth Day?

Did you know that Earth day is actually an event that is celebrated every year? Well in case you didn’t know, now you do! We use this day as an opportunity to remind ourselves how each of us can contribute to preserving our planet, keeping it safe and keeping it healthy for ourselves and the generations to come. There are many ways to show the earth that we care about it, however most of the time we forget the simplicity of it.  

Taking care of the earth is not the Government’s job or the World Economic Forum’s job, it is our job and we need to make it an every day practice.

Here are some simple ways that you can take part in  conserving our environment

  1. Recycle and separate waste.  
  2. Check your buying habits. Minimize  buying things wrapped in plastic
  3. Save water: You do not have to leave the tap water running while brushing teeth or shampooing your hair. 
  4. Save on electricity by switching off lights or devices that you are not using.

At Rucker Roots, we are big on saving mother earth because it forms the foundation and source of all of our product formulations. We are playing our part in taking care of mother nature by going green and going vegan. For us this means that if it is good for the earth then it is good for your hair and the same holds true, that if it is used on your hair, it should be good for the earth. We are playing our little role by producing Vegan based products that will not only nourish your hair but also take care of the planet. What actions are you taking in ensuring that you are protecting the earth? What can you do to protect it better?