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Hair Care = Self Love

Body image can really impact your self-esteem. The way you feel about your hair has a lot to do with the way you feel about yourself. Rucker Roots is all about offering you the opportunity to create a better story - one in which you feel beautiful and whole, inside and out.

Rucker Roots gives you the hair-care solutions that you need to beat the frizz, put the sheen back into your hair and make your curls bounce with attractive energy. Healthier hair not only attracts compliments, it helps you feel better about yourself - and that’s what really matters. Make hair-care a daily part of your self-love routine.

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Naturally Beautiful Hair That Calls Attention

The all-natural hair care system from Rucker Roots was a lifesaver for Maria. Her hair had always been dry and brittle, and the ends would often split and break off. Dry scalp and dullness made her hair look lifeless, leaving her feeling unattractive and unmotivated. Maria realized she needed a way to look and feel better about herself.

And then Maria discovered Rucker Roots' all-natural hair care system. Her hair and self-image were transformed with Rucker Roots Shampoo and Conditioning System, which put the sheen and bounce back into her hair and her confidence. Maria is now a new woman, transformed by confidence and that special finesse her hair has helped her achieve.

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100% Natural Products

As a woman, it's important to have healthy, shiny hair that makes you feel confident. But if you're like many women, your hair is dry and brittle, and your scalp is red and irritated. This can be caused by using chemical shampoo products that strip the natural oils from your hair.

But there is good news! I can help you fix this problem with natural hair care products that will restore the health of your hair and scalp in no time. With my help, you can stop or avoid dry, brittle hair; dryness or redness of the scalp and achieve healthy hair that looks great. So don't suffer any longer - let me show you how easy it is to get healthy hair without using chemical shampoo!

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Whole Health Hair Care. The Right Choice For You.

There was a time when Women and Men were struggling to find a solution to their flat and unresponsive hair. The problem was that their hair was dry, brittle, and lacked shine. Not only did this make them look bad, but it also made them feel insecure about themselves.

Thankfully, Rucker Roots came along and solved the problem once and for all. By using a whole-health approach to hair care, they were able to fix the brittle ends, lack of bounce, and dullness that had been plaguing Women and Men for years. As a result, they were able to have healthy, shiny, bouncy hair without spending a fortune at the salon or barber shop.

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Get The Hair Of A King.

There was a time when men's hair was their crowning glory. It was a symbol of power and strength, and something to be proud of. But things are different these days and self-image suffers more pressure than ever before. Men are under more pressure than ever before to have perfect hair. And when your hair is dry, itchy, and unmanageable, it can be tough to feel confident.

Thankfully, there's a solution. Rucker Roots King products are the perfect solution for men with dry hair and scalp. Our products are specifically designed to fix unattractive and unmanageable hair, allowing you to have the hair of a king. With our products, you can stop/avoid increased hair loss, dryness, and itchiness - and achieve healthy

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The Rucker Roots Story

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From the family garden to your hair.

The history of Rucker Roots runs deep as it stems from the Rucker family name and several people in the family who have contributed to the thought behind the brand. From their paternal grandfather’s garden in South Carolina, to their paternal grandmother who was a hair model in Atlanta, GA during the 1930’s, the founders of the brand have had many influences throughout their lives that led to them creating a brand that embraces healthy hair and styling solutions in an all-natural, chemical-free way.
Dating back to the early 1980s, the Rucker sisters’ mother used vegetables from the family garden - along with oils, mayonnaise, eggs, and avocados - to mix up kitchen concoctions for a healthy hair to regimen. This helped the sisters develop an appreciation for natural hair care products, the value of family and importance of their heritage and strong roots. Later in life, when the owners Ellen and Ione became mothers, they desired for their daughters to love and appreciate their natural hair and have the products available to keep their hair healthy. These events lead them to creating Rucker Roots. The brand was first introduced in 2015 on the sisters’ reality TV show Love Thy Sister on WeTV.

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