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Join Us In Celebrating All The Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Out There!

Join Us In Celebrating All The Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Out There!

Happy National Entrepreneurs Day to all the awesome business owners out there!

So, what exactly is National Entrepreneur's Day? In case you didn't know, it is an annual event occurring on the third Tuesday of November that honors people who have built an empire from absolutely nothing. Radical inventions by brilliant minds have shaped the way we live today, not to mention our future. 

Yep - that's us! We are proud of what we have accomplished this far including the unique products we created that change how people take care of their hair - all the way down to the scalp! 

To share a little of our backstory - and hopefully provide inspiration to others - here is how we began! 

Dating back to the early 1980s, the two sisters, Ellen and Ione's mother, used vegetables from the family garden and oils, mayonnaise, eggs, and avocados to mix up kitchen concoctions to include in our hair regimen. This helped us develop an appreciation for natural hair care products, the value of family, and the importance of our heritage and strong roots. 

Later in life, when we became mothers, we wanted our daughters to love and appreciate their natural hair and have the products available to keep their hair healthy. These events lead to us creating Rucker Roots. 

We were first introduced in 2015 on our reality TV show, Love Thy Sister, on WeTV. Our show was about sisterly love and the experiences we shared throughout our lives. We aired it all – divorce, dating, and starting a business – because transparency has always been core to who we are. 

And here we are today, creating fantastic, healthy products for others so they can have healthy, beautiful hair. We use only the best natural ingredients in our products and maintain high standards and transparency. 

If you care about the products you and your family use on your hair, you can entrust Rucker Roots to deliver exceptional products with excellent results. Visit our website HERE and see our latest and greatest products!