Ione Margaret King Rucker is the eighth child born to Dr. Douglas and Ruby Rucker. She was raised in Lancaster, South Carolina and is affectionately known as “the baby” of the family.  Ione takes pride in that title and truly appreciates the many valuable lessons learned from her older siblings.  One of the greatest lessons that Ione learned was the importance of education and it ultimately put her on the pathway to become an educator.

After she graduated with honors from Lancaster High School, she decided to attend Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.  The product of a family of educators including both her paternal grandparents and mother, she decided to pursue the major of Early Childhood Education.  While at Spelman, Ione volunteered at various elementary schools in the Atlanta metropolitan area and even spent her last semester interning as a student teacher at one of the local schools.  Once she graduated from Spelman, she returned back to her roots in Lancaster, SC and attended Converse College to study for her Masters in Elementary Education.

A few months after receiving her master's degree from Converse College, Ione married NBA veteran, Antawn Jamison.  It was a fairytale romance that brought her to a new path in life as a devoted wife and mother.  Antawn’s busy career and their quickly growing family were the reasons that Ione decided to become a full-time homemaker. They were blessed with three beautiful children together - Kathryn Elizabeth, Antwan Jr, and Rucker King. Even though her path changed directions, Ione remained involved in educating others by participating in community outreach and mentoring programs.  She worked alongside the NBA Wives organization and hosted various events in Dallas, Washington, DC, and her hometown of Lancaster, SC.

After eight years of marriage, Ione and Antawn respectfully parted ways and recently divorced.  However they remained great friends and it has allowed them to successfully co-parent their three beautiful children.  Along with her motherly duties, Ione continues to focus her energy on building her family’s non-profit organization, The Rucker Education Scholarship Fund.  In addition, she enjoys the partnered ventures she has shared with her sisters especially their reality television series, Love Thy Sister, that premiered in January of 2015 on WeTV.  However Rucker Roots, their natural hair care line, is truly their passion project.     

Ione has a new lease on life and remains dedicated to building her personal brand as well as continuing the Rucker family legacy.  It is her compassion for others and tenacity to endure that allows her to be not only a nurturing mother but also a successful philanthropist and business woman.  Ione possesses a charismatic personality and fearless determination that continues to elevate her to new heights and possibilities.