The Rucker Sisters are modern women with a zest for life and a healthy sense of humor .  They have remained true their traditions and the values instilled in them. 

Their traditional Southern heritage is also represented in the way they choose their words, in their facial expressions, in their choice of dress for different occasions, and in some of the "formality" of how they choosecto live.

They are unafraid to take chances and determined to uphold their entrepreneurial legacy with an upcoming reality series, "Love Thy Sister", premiering January 8th on WEtv at 10pm.  In addition to their upcoming show, they also have an amazing hair care products line, RUCKER ROOTS.


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Ruby "The Hot Head"

The successful and feisty mother, wife, and attorney-at-law on "Love Thy Sister" premiering January 8th on  WEtv and also co-founder of RUCKER ROOTS.

Ellen "The Perfectionist" 

The athletic superwoman who balances being a strong mother and co-founder of RUCKER ROOTS on "Love Thy Sister" premiering January 8th on WEtv.

Ione "The Baby"

The charismatic baby of the family who is ready to find new love, freedom, and passion in her life.  All while being a devoted mother of three and co-founder of RUCKER ROOTS on "Love Thy Sister" premiering January 8th on WEtv. 

 Meet Ruby K "The Hot Head"

Meet Ruby K "The Hot Head"

 Meet Ellen "The Perfectionist"

Meet Ellen "The Perfectionist"

 Meet Ione "The Baby"

Meet Ione "The Baby"

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