Check out our review on www.JadaMonet.Com

Check out our review on www.JadaMonet.Com

Rucker Roots is generating quite the buzz on the internet and social media lately.  We have received several testimonies on Instagram and Twitter.  Recently we had an upcoming blogger, Jada Monet, publish her testimony.  Everyone who has participated in the Rucker Roots' experience has been thrilled about the results.   

At Rucker Roots, we are striving for perfection and we know that it your voice that will keep the buzz going.  We encourage you to do testimonials and tag your friends so they can also be a part of the hair transformation movement.  In addition we have also attracted popular lifestyle experts such as Valeisha Butterfield and Tai Beauchamp who will soon be giving us their own testimonies about Rucker Roots.   

It makes us extremely happy and proud to hear all of the wonderful feedback from our new customers.  At Rucker Roots, we know we have introduced a brand of products that will transform the way your hair looks and feels.  

Our mantra is BE NATURAL, BE BOLD AND BE FIERCE.  Healthy hair starts with Rucker Roots so make sure you order yours today if you haven't already.   Save 15% when you join at www.ruckerroots.com   

Please take a moment to check out jadamonet.com and see what she had to say about Rucker Roots.  


Posted on July 31, 2014 .