At RUCKER ROOTS, we believe that healthy hair is possible at any age and with every type of hair. After years of relaxing our hair, my sisters and I decided that we would go completely natural (well almost, Ione and Ruby still need a blonde highlight every now and then).  Initially it was quite the struggle for all of us and we thought the damage over the years was irreversible.  At the time when we decided to go natural, there was a limited amount of sulfate free products on the market but we were determined to try any and everything to tame our tresses. Nothing seemed to be exactly what we were looking for so we started researching and playing around with our own recipes to get us through the "growing out" process.  It was a lot of trial and error but eventually we helped formulate Rucker Roots and now our natural hair is stronger and healthier than ever.  

Here are some helpful tips to get you closer to HEALTHIER HAIR:


Most hair care professionals will advise you to shampoo your hair regularly.  The time period between washes can vary according to the texture of your hair but should fall in the range of three to seven days.  Hair experts agree that you should avoid sulfates and parabens in your hair care regimen.  This is why you should choose sulfates and parabens free RUCKER ROOTS STIMULATING SHAMPOO.  It also contains Hawaiian Ginger Root, Carrot Root and Turnip Root that stimulate the scalp with the nutrients and vitamins essential to healthy hair.  Also you may want to add a few drops of natural oils such as jojoba and coconut oils that will penetrate deep into the hair shaft and repair it from the inside out.


By conditioning your hair regularly, you will replace the natural shine and elasticity that can get lost as a result of over-processing and constant sun exposure.  Especially now that summer is here, we recommend putting a little RUCKER ROOTS MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER on your hair every couple of days to ensure that your locks are protected from the heat.  In addition, rinse your hair with cool water so you can maximize your shine.


Brush your hair from the back to the front because if you brush from the front to back, you put too much stress on your hair causing it to fall out or get severely damage.  If your hair is wet then we recommend using a wide tooth comb to reduce breakage because wet hair is the most fragile.  When your hair is dry then you should use a boar head brush to remove impurities such as dust, dirt and extra oils.  Also the blessing of summer is the “WET LOOK” so leave those blow dryers in the closet for a few months and let it air dry.  This will protect your hair from unnecessary damage but if you can’t live without a blow dryer and a flat iron then make sure you have RUCKER ROOTS HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY. Use before heat styling and your hair will be ready to take the heat. 


A diet rich in protein, vitamins and fatty acids will have your hair strong and lustrous.  You should try food like spinach and kale that are high in Vitamin D and help strengthen your hair.  Foods like salmon, olive oil and avocado restore the shine back to dull, brittle hair.   If you want to decrease oil production in oily hair then you should eat more dairy products, whole grains, eggs and leafy vegetables.  If you want to grow your hair then be sure to try RUCKER ROOTS GROWTH SERUM.   Avoid soda, junk food, caffeine and fried foods not only for your hair but because you also want to be SUMMERTIME FINE

Posted on July 2, 2014 .