Welcome to THE RUCKERS!

Thank you for visiting us on our online home. Continue reading below to learn more about us, our family, and the exciting things we have coming up on the horizon. 

We are THE RUCKERS. Three sisters out of the Red Rose City of Lancaster, SC who are setting their sights on the silver screen and breaking into the hair care market at the same time. Ruby, Ellen, and Ione are our names and we are the daughters of Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Ruby Rucker. We are only three children out of a family of eight children and soon we will be coming into your home one night a week on WEtv in our unscripted reality series, Love Thy Sister. The show will include not only our crazy and funniest moments but also will represent the love and bond that we share as sisters and as a family. Our family has created a legacy of entrepreneurs so it is only right that we follow in the footsteps of those who came before us and take our legacy to the next level. 

We are not only sisters but we are mothers, we are friends and we are strong women determined to create a brand that will make us proud. In addition to our upcoming reality series, we have started a hair care line called Rucker Roots. It is our goal to transform the hair of our consumers by using a unique root complex made up of Carrot Root, Hawaiian White Ginger Root and Turnip Root. All of us were fans of the DIY hair masks and we grew up with a mother who taught us early on that mayonnaise was a great deep conditioner. You may smell like a sandwich initially but the results were manageable, shiny and lustrous hair. We decided to pursue our passion for natural hair care products and keep our hair care line in the family by utilizing the vegetable roots from our father’s garden. One of the benefits of having a large family is that you have invaluable resources constantly available to you. We can’t thank our father enough for not only igniting our entrepreneurial spirits but also providing his vegetables as the base of our products.  

Both the show and the hair care line are exciting adventures for us as sisters and for our entire family.  We look forward to getting your feedback on both the show and our products. Please take the time to visit our websites and follow us on social media. We have listed our websites, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook information below. If you let us into your world and into your toiletry cabinet, we can guarantee that you will have both lots of laughs and healthy hair.  Thank in advance for your support of our blog and being a part of the journey to make dreams come true.

Posted on May 15, 2014 .