Professional Stylists Love Rucker Roots

What does it say about your Natural Hair Products when they are loved by Professional Stylist?

  • It Truly WORKS!

  • It works on Different Textures

  • Clients keep Coming Back for more Rucker Roots

Rucker Roots hair products get rave reviews from stylist and WE LOVE IT! When we started this journey of creating a brand that we could be proud of, we knew if needed to be special. We wanted a brand that would be healthy for your hair however you wanted to style your hair. Because we like to rock our "wet look" as well as a "blowout", we wanted to make sure we made a system that would make it safe if you chose to use heat on your hair. We wanted to use the natural ingredients that we grow up using on our hair so it had to be natural, chemical free. Rucker Roots is that premium brand that you are looking for, whether you rock your natural curls or want a smooth look. To have our brand in so many salons and getting so much love from the professionals, we feel so blessed! 

Thank You for the Support! 

Ellen and Ione

Rucker Roots Creators

Posted on January 7, 2018 .